Friday, November 6, 2015

Some of Today's "Fun Stuff" -- LOL!

Sheep On The hill
Sorry that today's photo isn't of good quality.  It was taken too late in the day, a couple of days ago, while being a passenger in a vehicle going at the speed limit ... and I was actually shooting the sheep on the hill.

One of these days I will get around to taking it into the graphics program and "correcting" the contrast and at least making it look less hazy.  Then maybe we can turn it into a piece of art -- maybe extract some of it for a small watercolor painting or a colored pencil drawing.  If I knew where my soft pastels and small pad of pastel paper could be found in the melee around here, I might even consider doing a small pastel.  WARNING:  It has been years and years since I actually did any pastel work -- I think that was back when I took a few art classes at the community college near where I lived.  I enjoyed working with pastels, though, and now I wonder why I did not continue with them ... Hmmm ...

Today's Music at [free] Spotify -->  The Piano Guys - A Family Christmas
If you are not familiar with The Piano Guys, find them at YouTube and be prepared to enjoy ...

Yes, Christmas music ...
Earlier I was watching a YouTube video and the background music was instrumental Christmas music and since it is November, and I am in the mood to be working on Christmas cards or small gifts, it seemed like it might be okay to go find something "festive" to listen to ... (I don't include that video here but it is one from Sandy Allnock showing how she uses Copic markers to color in a set of Christmas ornaments.  Here are the other two videos I did watch:)

Here is one of the YouTube videos I watched (not the Christmas themed one -- this one is a bit more "timely" in that the paint kit used is available for a very limited time and is an awesome deal!)

This video from Sandy Allnock is fun but the kit is no longer available.  However, the technique she uses is one you can apply to other projects:

You may want to check out the Hero Arts November kit -- it is still available on November 6th, 2015, but who knows how much longer it will be available ... It looks pretty cool and includes stamps, dies and some Flower Soft flock;  there is a separate die set that also coordinates with the kit.  Actually, it is shown at the end of Sandy's video on coloring the Glass Ornaments ...

Okay, so on to something for today besides two videos to check out ...

Hmmm ... As I look around, you know, there isn't anything on the desk or in the vicinity to share today ... soon I will be sharing a piece of art that is "in progress" right now ... but in the meantime, enjoy the work of other talented artists (as in, watch Lindsey and Sandy in their YouTube videos ...)
and have a wonderful "one" (day, evening, etc ...)

OH DRATS!  I missed this morning's Speed Scrap over at in celebration of Digital Scrapping Day!  But I think I may have 24 hours to actually complete and upload the page ... come on over and play along!!!
Just checked it out -- Monday night is the deadline!  Lots of fun activities over there.  Come join us!!!