Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 Monsters to Cheer Your Day

WOW!  I can't believe I'm getting another post up so soon :-)

Anyhow, I wanted to share a video with you.  Nah, I didn't make the video.  I tried that -- once.  What a mess!  LOL!

Couldn't get the webcam to sit in a good spot to give a clear view of what I was doing and then, since I had not really done a run-through of the project ... well, something that should have taken about 10 minutes to demonstrate ended up being over 50 minutes long ... **Shudder**  I will admit, though, that the final project came out rather good :D

No, I am sharing a video uploaded to YouTube by Barbara of Joggles.com.

Almost every Wednesday she releases a new video.  Hmmm ... it is Tuesday today ... maybe I should wait until tomorrow and let you know about the new one?  NAH!

This video, in some way, was the inspiration for a series of cartoony drawings I have done that will be the pool the first few digi-stamps for the Suseadoodle Do digi-stamp store will be drawn from.

First, Barbara's video, then my "take" on it.  ENJOY!

In the past, I used scrapbooking calendar pages to create mosaics of images to put into the scrapbook.  When I made the first ones, I was working in my Creative Memories strap-album and had these calendar pages I didn't have any calendar-related ideas for.  AND I had a huge pile of scraps of photos from where I had trimmed them ...  but there were details on those scraps that I really did not want to lose.  Details of the wallpaper at my mom's house, or of a clock in the kitchen that had been there for years and brought back memories or ....  Finding that most of these scraps were actually large enough to trim down even a little more to make them fit into the blocks of the calendar, I began filling up the squares of the calendar.  Turned out I had more than enough scraps to continue to the edge of the page and covered the whole thing.  I loved the result.

I hope you did watch the video.  In it, you see Barbara create the calendar and then use it to create mini works of art on a sort of daily basis.

When I finished watching the video, though, I decided I did not want to build calendar pages and work in such a small space.  I cut 12x12 scrapbooking cardstock into 12x6" pieces, folded them in half and made a small booklet.  I made a "cover" indicating the booklet was for work from the "Week Beginning" and added pages and drawings as the week progressed.

If I ever figure out a good way to position the webcam, I may do a flip through of one of these little booklets.  In the meantime, here are two monsters that I did just a couple of days ago.  

Go to Joggles.com, visit the store, sign up for their newsletter so you get the weekly Wednesday issue that contains the link to that week's video (there are two issues a week -- Wednesday and Sunday) and I think you will like what you see ... I first encountered Joggles a few years ago while looking for some Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

There are lots of classes and materials for a variety of media.  I'm not even going to try to list even a small portion of them except to say, rubber stamping, mixed media, water color, embroidery, and doll-making are among some of the fun art forms represented at Joggles.

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