Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hop Hop Hop on Over ...

Over at one of my other blogs (SuseADoodleDo-Journeys), the panel on the card above was featured as part of a Blog Hop.  It was the first Hop to be hosted by members of Journey Blog Hoppers, a Facebook group for Fun Stampers Journey Coaches who want to participate in blog hops.  It was a lot of fun;  it still is!  You can visit the posts any time -- the full list of participants can be found here.  More hops are coming soon!  (Info to follow lower down the post ...)

The card that the panel is mounted on is a Strathmore Creative Card in Palm Beach White (really a very nice light creamy color).  The panel used inside the card will be revealed as part of a "mini" Blog Hop on Monday, February 29, 2016.  (Mini means just 3 people decided to play along this time -- still lots of fun.  Stop by SuseADoodleDo-Journeys to follow the lily pad stops for that mini hop.  I'm looking forward to the other two projects.  :D

Letters for My Friends ...

The card is heading off to a friend who placed an order and here are a few of the steps of doing up the envelope:

I'm thinking I may need to go back and color in the inside of the letters fully with the yellow Spectrum Noir (CT1) -- it was originally used as just a suggestion of where to place the larger letters ... What do you think?  :-D
Also, I find the pink Flair I used to draw the initial letter is just too bright -- next time I will not use that color!

Visit the Hops!

Sorry, no beer along the way -- I don't like the flavor of hops!  **shudder**  LOL!
Well, one of the other bloggers may offer you one, since the next regular hop starts so close to St. Patrick's Day, but that is up to them ;-D

I already mentioned the Mini Hop that starts on Monday.  The theme is "Limited / Unlimited."  This is a very short hop with three participants but should be fun.  (The link won't be active until Monday.)

The next regular Hop from the Journey Blog Hoppers will be the March Hop with the theme "Spring Blooms."  Check back here or at SuseADoodleDo-Journeys for further information.  It will go live on March 13, 2016.

Let me know what you think about coloring in the letters further.  Commenters who leave a comment by March 18, 2016, will be entered into a random (Thanks, "Mr Random") for a small gift from me ... :D  The card will be mailed out before then but I do want to know what you think so I know for the next time.

Thanks for visiting and "Have A Good One!"

Friday, February 26, 2016


Rarely do I open up the weekly email announcing the week's theme for Illustration Friday ... for a while now, the themes have been vague and not concrete enough for me deal with.  I used to gladly and happily and gleefully think out abstract concepts to find fun and interesting ways to "illustrate" them (usually, though, in the past I've done that through words not through art ...) ... Lately, I get overwhelmed by the whole idea of disentangling abstract concepts into something I can illustrate visually.

This week's theme was an easy one -- one I will play with all week, I think!  :D


My old doodle style that I thought I would use is really a City -- not really appropriate.  I'll "do" City another time.

Here is my quickie-doodle for the theme, Village --

There was this piece of "scratch cardstock" on my desk and a dark Flair pen ... and a box of 24 Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils nearby ... and the Flip-Pal to scan it.

Eh, so it is a doodle and not a real illustration or piece of artwork.  Yet, that is the beauty of the Internet -- I used to think I should post only "perfect" pieces.  Then I began to travel around YouTube and various Facebook pages and even blogs AND discovered "Fearless Sharers" -- people who share what they do without fear;  I decided I wanted to be among them.  LOL!

To get involved, visit Illustration Friday -- be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can get the weekly theme emailed to you.

Let me know if you join in this week and post your submission to Illustration Friday -- so I can go visit your work to give ya a bit of artistic love in return.  Have a great one!