Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Digi-Scrap Freebies and Challenges

YIKES!  It is April already and 2015 is slipping away from me.  I meant to be posting projects regularly -- that is what "Make 2015" was supposed to be about -- you know, making and posting a variety of art and craft projects here.  **sigh**  How time gets away form me.
I have been doing art and crafts, just not getting them photographed or scanned or not getting them written up and then posted here.

However, over the weekend, I remembered that two of the digi-scrap stores that I like to deal with run "Daily Download" programs.  So, off I went and then sneaked over to the Forum areas to see what Challenges they had for the month.

The first I'll share with you is www.godigitalscrapbooking.com where they have a daily download program that lets you collect a complete kit of "papers" and elements if you show up every day and get the freebie of the day.

As for the challenges, there are quite a few.  Most of them give out a "posting bonus" -- and if you participate in all of the challenges, you end up with a fairly large kit of papers and elements.  To collect the entire kit, you need to participate in the Progressive Challenge, (six steps to a completed page) and pick up the download for each of the downloads for the challenge.
The photo at the top of this post is the page I did for the "multi-photo" challenge.  (a) one day I noticed my "bedhead" reminded me of Phyllis Diller;  so I started taking Silly Selfies first thing when I get up;  (b) most of the photos are absolutely dreadful and some are silly too;  (c) my oldest sister, who is 15 years older than I am, HATES these things, especially when I use them somewhere that the "public" can see them, so I look for the strangest and ugliest and silliest when I decide to use them (maybe I am the brat she thinks I am -- even at over 50, such labels tend to still stick) ...  This page actually made GSO status yesterday -- that is, "Gallery Standout" for the use of the postage-sized images. LOL!

The second store that offers Daily Downloads is www.plaindigitalwrapper.com and they don't have as many challenges this month.  Once I finish all of the challenges for GDS (godigitalscrapbooking), I will get going on the ones from PDW.

The scrapping software I use is version 3 of Creative Memories' StoryBook Creator.  Caspedia, and then Panstoria (same coders with a new company) were the ones who wrote the software and now offer Version 4 which they are calling Artisan.  I did upgrade to 4 when Creative Memories offered it, but I had a problem with it and ended up needing to uninstall it.  I did not think I "needed" the upgrades from 3 to 4 (mostly color matching stuff plus a few other things), so I did not bother to reinstall it.  However, I probably will upgrade again soon -- but will need to get it again through Panstoria as they no longer validate Creative Memories' licenses.  If you are looking for an easy to use digital scrapping software, check out Panstoria.  I have used many different softwares for digital scrapping and like StoryBook Creator / Artisan the best.
I've used the one from Stampin' Up!, and quite a few others (five others that I can think of right now), as well as PhotoShop Elements (one of the programs quite a few scrappers use).  And, in the end, I like StoryBook Creator / Artisan the best.  And if you are interested in PhotoShop Elements but think it might be a bit too expensive, check out the FREE clone called Gimp.  Also, there is PhotoExplosion that works like Photoshop Elements and is about half the price.

If you digi-scrap, please share a link (or even links) to some of your pages.  And if you are new to digiscrapping, and would like to learn about how to do it, let me know in the comments and I'll do some tutorial posts.

Have a wonderful ___________ (you fill in the blank with whatever you want to be wonderful)  **GRIN**

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I was just over at the PDW store and found out that I was wrong -- they don't have a daily download program.  (oh, these "senior" moments!  ARGH!)  I will do a bit of searching to find the other store that does offer them ... I know there is another digi-store that does offer daily downloads ... **sigh** However, head on over, they have $2 Tuesday deals and some fun Monthly Challenges ...

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