Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blogging A-to-Z -- 2016 Theme for SuseADoodleDo ... Baker's Dozen Plus


     I missed the date when I was supposed to post my theme for this year's Blogging A-to-Z at SuseADoodleDo -- better late than never!  LOL!
     I signed up a bit back and had a long time to plan but ... Originally I was planning on "Burgoo, Bog & Stew" -- meaning just a mishmash of different items based on that day's letter.
     But then it rolled in and the ...
     FOG!  Mental Fog!
     ... took over.  (Ionic-versions of iodine, administered by the radiology department, can lead to that ... and even 18 years later I am still giving off the occasional Gamma Ray since something with a 'half-life' sticks around for a long time ... but thyroid function has almost totally ceased as another result ... I dunno, maybe the Graves Disease might not have been so bad after all ...)
     On top of the FOG, my tendency to overcomplicate things and overwhelm myself just made it worse.  We are just a few hours (well, more than 24 but less than 48) from the launch and I have "A" overstuffed with stuff, "B" is stuffed" and "C" is almost right.  "D" does not exist yet ...  **SIGH**
     So, since I do know this much about each day -- there will be a Baker's Dozen of words beginning with that day's Letter ... Then the Plus will be a Call to Action, and anything else I can think up or find to share before that day goes live.

     Ah, I must admit -- I asked hubby to help come up with "interesting" words for the daily Baker's Dozen.  I cannot guarantee the words are interesting but most lists are now longer than 13 words ... **grin** 

Call To Action!

     Using the Baker's Dozen of words, you can get involved -- by writing or illustrating using the list.
     1)  Five-Minute Fiction -->  I don't remember whether the old meme "Fiction Friday" involved writing for 5  or 10 minutes.  However, there was a sort of rule -- using their prompt, write for 5 (or 10) minutes minimum and do no editing (I did try to spell-check at least, though) ... then return and share the link to your blog post using the Mr Linky they provided.  For 5-Minute Fiction, basically the same "rule" applies except I ask you to keep it G or PG rated, try to use at least 3 words from the list, drop your link for your writing in the Link Share at my post for 5-Minute Fiction and please include a link back to the SuseADoodleDo post for that letter (at your post).
     2)  500-word Flash Fiction -->  Similar to the above, editing allowed, but there is a 500-word limit to your piece of writing.  Again, I ask you to keep it G or PG rated, try to use at least 3 words from the list, drop your link for your writing in the Link Share at my post for 500-word Flash Fiction and please include a link back to the SuseADoodleDo post for that letter (at your post).
     3)  Comments Challenge --> Write a silly sentence or paragraph using at least 3 of the words from the list and as many of the words from the list as you can;   leave it here in the Comments section.  Keep it G or PG rated, please.
     4)  Artsy Interpretation  --> Create a doodle or illustration using words from the list, post it at your blog or Flickr (NO Instagram as I do not have an account there and cannot get one since I cannot join Instagram from my laptop), add a link to my blog's post for the letter at your post and come back to drop your link in the Link Share at my post for Artsy Interpretation.
     5)  Artsy Inspiration --> In the Comments section, share a link to a YouTube video that fits something in that list or somehow fits the day's letter ... Please keep it G or PG rated.  (For example, for "A" there is a YouTube for "Alley Oop" in my post, for "C" there is a link to the "Cole and Marmalade" YouTube channel,  or maybe you will find an artsy tutorial for a how-to somehow relating to that day's letter or ... you get the idea, I hope.)

Now for the "Plus" Side ...

     Since SuseADoodleDo is a blog that is supposed to be about fun arty and "do" type stuff -- as my Fog clears enough to actually make and share projects, I will add them in.  Or if I find YouTube inspirations, they will be added in.  Or other things relating to the day's letter ...
     Or maybe already I dropped something on to a blog-post planning page -- that will be added. 
     However, the Baker's Dozen WILL be there every day.  YAY!  :D

 Another "Plus" ...
     Using info from I may provide a list of "Today is ..." Days To Remember -- and if the day's Baker's Dozen does not inspire you to jot or doodle -- then maybe the Special Day list will -- feel free to use this list instead of (or along with) the Baker's Dozen to get involved in the Call to Action Items.

     I really hope you have lots of fun and visit often ... I am working on gift(s) that everyone who participates can "earn" ...

[Blogger is being a twit and messing with (a) my mind. (b) my patience and (c) the spacing between lines and "returns" ...  **SIGH**

Please join me here for a daily (well, Monday through Saturday) dose of Silliness during the 2016 Blogging A-to-Z Challenge!


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