Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for ...

When I hear "A is for ..." I always -- and I mean ALWAYS -- remember this poem from The Bumper Book -- An Alphabet Poem by Edward Lear.  (He wrote more than one alphabet poem but I KNOW that A and X are the same stanzas from the poem Mom would read to me ...)

What else is A for?

Just to be silly, I'm throwing a baker's dozen of "A-words" at ya ...
  1. armadillo
  2. amazing
  3. ant
  4. alabaster
  5. antique
  6. acronym
  7. android
  8. antidisestablishmentarianism
  9. antacid
  10. aqueduct
  11. amber
  12. aquarium
  13. aquamarine
There is another nonsense poem I'd like to share --

I had a wonderful "pop-up book" that said it as by Bennett Cerf, that guy from the TV show What's My Line? who was also one of the founders of Random House.  The book was full of limericks which actually were not considered to be "proper" poetry for children since far too many were "dirty," had adult content and were not considered appropriate for small ears to hear.  It was thought back in those dark ages that to introduce the form to children would be leading them astray and into a dark and dangerous place.  BUT ... either Santa or Mom disregarded that point of view and thought I would enjoy this book.  I loved it. 
This poem is actually by Ogden Nash ...

A Flea  and A Fly in A Flue -- one place where I found it on the Net said it is by "Anonymous" (hey, another "great" A-word!  But, it is from Mr. Nash.  I would put the words here since I read it so often it is actually (and another great A-word!) I have it memorized.  The copyright laws probably would love to find a way to make that illegal too!  But, since I doubt the poem is in "public domain" yet -- it is just a click away.  And well worth the tiny side-trip to get a giggle over English homonyms (or homophones as they are more likely called these days ...) 
AND ... not an "A is for .." item for today.  Instead, it is "Today is ..." 
  • Jour du Poisson
  • April Fool's Day
  • International Tatting Day*
  • Library Snap Shot Day*
* Thanks to  -- there are other "observances" for April 1 listed at the site if you'd like to find out what "St. Stupid Day" or "Sorry Charlie Day" is all about ... to be honest, I haven't checked but will be heading there soon to find out for myself.  :D

And, since no post is really "good" without some art, here's some A-related Art for ya to squint at:  (the first 2 are from

These two are from Google Images and are from images at AbeBoooks (UK version)

And this one is from me :D

Today's "Comment Challenge"
Well, at the last minute I made a change to this part of the month-long blogging challenge -- I was planning to ask a question and offer a free gift to everyone who answered it BUT once someone posts the correct answer, everyone else can just copy off that person -- so it as not really a challenge.  So, now it is a "call to action."  Information on this Call to Action can be found here.  (It is too long for me to include it in each day's blog post -- especially this one since it is soooooooo long already -- LOL.)  Hoping you will join in and play along!

And here you thought you were at the end of this tome-length blog post!  HA!  I started "planning sheets" as soon as I signed up for A-to-Z-2016 ... and forgot about them as I started writing posts ahead of time (once I figured out how to use the "schedule your post" feature correctly) ... so there is a little extra stuff I can share and thought I might as well -- you can always scroll down to the comments and let me know just how much of a nut you think I am, exit outta here in a hurry or actually suffer through -- it is up to you.  Just remember, like an episode of Futurama said, "you watched it, you can't unwatch it."

From the Planning Sheets:

Since today is the 1st ...

And Animal Crackers that can be found here.

Have an Astounding Day!  Thanks for visiting!

Oh, what the hey -- here is a second commenting challenge -- Which Animal Cracker animal is your favorite?  No "prize" for answering that question, just something "fun" ...

Now for the Call to Action linkies ... I wanted to set the close date as May 7th but InLinkz won't let me run a link list for that long -- sorry -- you have until May 1, 2016 to join in the Letter A Call To Action "fun" ... (there are 2 other types of Call to Action that can be acted on in the Comments section so be sure to check out the full list of 5 options here.)


  1. Is antidisestablishmentarianism the longest word in the English language?

    1. I think I heard that it was a long time ago but, you know, I'm not sure about that. Fun word -- not paying attention to what it means -- it is just fun to say ...