Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for ...

Longest Word in English?

On Day 1 of the 1016 (OOPS!  2016, that should be ... hmmm ... I'm sure Mel Brooks could make something funny of that blooper but, right now, I can't think of one ... **sigh**) A-to-Z Challenge, I included "antidisestablishmentarianism" in my list of words for the day.  I was asked if that was the longest word in English ... well ..
"What about Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"
To be honest, without writing out both words inside the blocks of graph paper, I'm sure I will mess up the count of letters -- you tell me which one is longer ... LOL!

HOWEVER ... There is one word that is longer!  Can you guess what it is?  I will reveal it in an up-coming post (S actually -- hint, hint ...)  You'll groan, want to throw rotten tomatoes at me and maybe want to kick me (instead of yourself) once it is revealed ...
My Great-Aunt Alice taught me that word ...

Something Silly for the Letter L ...

Remember Les Nessman -- Eyewitness Weather for WKRP?  He announced, "This is Les Nessman with your Eyewitness Weather.  50% accurate."  And he turned around, lifted a slat in the Venetian Blinds to peek outside to report the current conditions ...

Well, I saw a video over at YouTube on that opening page of "We think you will want to see all these videos" -- but the IE froze and crashed before I could "collect" the share link -- and besides, I really just wanted you to see the sentiment used on the card -- and that I do remember --

When Life Gives You Lemons ...
Keep Them!
It's Free Lemons!

Today's Baker's Dozen Plus ...
  1. leopard
  2. lion
  3. leap
  4. lizard
  5. laugh
  6. link
  7. loathe
  8. lamp
  9. lamb
  10. lasso
  11. lemur
  12. lemon
  13. lute
  14. love
  15. livery
  16. lunk
  17. loud
  18. llama
  19. linked
  20. loose
  21. lose
Today is ...
*Dictionary Day
*International Moment of Laughter Day
*National Dolphin Day
*National Pecan Day

(once again, thank you to

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  1. Yeah. The Mary Poppins word is longer. I look forward to S.