Thursday, April 7, 2016

F is for ...

TheFrugalCrafter -- Lindsay Weirich
is a great to watch on YouTube ... she shares lots and lots about a large range of art and craft ideas.  From painting to product testing to just encouraging her viewers to have fun and not fret about their results.  Catch her at TheFrugalCrafter YouTube Channel.

Today is ...

*  Metric System Day
*  No Housework Day

(Thanks again to

Today's Baker's Dozen Plus ...

1.  figment
2. fig
3. fidget
4. formula
5. Frankenstein
6. frankincense
7. fox
8. filament
9. fortune
10. flour
11. flower
12. furtive
13. fertile
14. fume
15. flame
16. flagon
17. florid
18. flounce
19. furious
20. fang
21. flannel
22. Flattery
23. flattened
24. frankfurter

Call to Action:

There are 5 things you can do to earn a free gift (probably a selection of Color-Your-Own SuseDoodle postcards from a forthcoming collection to be released soon! WOO HOO!)  All five  Call to Action options can be found here -- two can be  answered in the Comments Section here or via the InLinkz section at the end of the post ... I wanted to set the closing date as May 7 but InLinkz would not let  me run a link list for that long ... so the deadline is May 1 ...

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  1. Figs and frankfurters, and a flagon of something tasty. Let the feast commence!