Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for ...

Today is ...
April 11, 2016 and ...
* Barbershop Quartet Day
* Submarine Day
* International "Louie, Louie" Day
To find out more, check out

Now, for our
Baker's Dozen Plus ...
  1. igloo
  2. ice
  3. imagine
  4. icicle
  5. imbibe
  6. iron
  7. irony
  8. icon
  9. idle
  10. idyll
  11. idol
  12. inner
  13. island
  14. ire
  15. ibex
I'm sorry, I cannot resist -- Barbarshop Quartets are something I enjoy even if the music tends to be about a hundred years old ... :D
So ...    this one is not quite that old, it is a Cole Porter sung a capella ... :D 
And, well, let's do this one too ...
Oh, might as well go all the way, huh??  LOL!

You just gotta watch the whole thing ... (movie, that is, that the Trailer above advertises) ... My FIL used to say that the best part of a television set was the off knob ... except when I got out the DVDs of 2 movies -- this was one of them (he'd served as an Executive Office (First) on a sub in WWII) and The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain that ... well, that is a sort of a long story that I will save for another day ... Maybe for "M" (Mountain)
Well, well!  Did it again -- let "today is ..." take over instead of today's letter ... which is "I" in case I've lost you with all that other stuff ... What is a "good I" to focus on? 
How about this?

or another "I" word --

Below, Linda provides lots of very good info about this brand of ink pads -- if you'd like to know more about the Fun Stamper's Journey line of products, mention that in your comment below and be sure I have a way to get in touch with you (if you leave your email address in the comment, be sure to write out "dot" and "at" instead of using the symbols so spiders can't steal your info for spamming you) or visit my FSJ blog at and leave a comment there (though I have been so busy here, I haven't posted anything there recently -- maybe I oughta?... now on to her video about FSJ "Fusion Ink:"

Sorry, some of the videos did not turn out to be exactly what I was hoping to share (particularly the sub sandwiches) but when foggy brain sets in, my patience level goes down the higher the fog rises ... can you find better YouTubes and share them in the Comments section?  THANKS!

Call to Action:

There are 5 things you can do to earn a free gift (probably a selection of Color-Your-Own SuseDoodle postcards from a forthcoming collection to be released soon! WOO HOO!)  All five  Call to Action options can be found here -- two can be  answered in the Comments Section here or via the InLinkz section at the end of the post ... I wanted to set the closing date as May 7 but InLinkz would not let  me run a link list for that long ... so the deadline is May 1 ...

Commenting Challenge: 

The Interconnectedness of All Things
 - What literary character says this quite often?
 - Make up your own "rule" of connectedness.

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  1. Is it irony that you didn't include Lennon's "Imagine"? :)