Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for ...

Today's Baker's Dozen (plus)

1.  emerald
2. elephant
3. elegant
4. eBay
5. eagle
6. energy
7. effervescent
8. equal
9. element
10. egg
11. Egbert
12. eftsoons
13. Emporium

14. (well, bummer, I found "eagan" in a list of words-beginning-with-e and thought "it IS a real 'word' not just the name of a Minnesotan town'."  But the definition of it was "A town in Minnesota" and the examples of using the word were as first or last names.  Can you dream up a definition for 'eagan' -- maybe some form of eager or other eag... word??  If so, drop it in the comments section :D  )
15. eager
16. egad
17. eggnog
18.  eggplant
19. elastic
20. electricity
21. eschew

Now Google This:
Ben Franklin, electricity, turkeys
Yeh, it could go under "B," "F," "T" or "E" -- I chose "E" for Electricity & Experiments --
Most people know all about the Kite Experiment.  But do you know about some of his Leyden Jar experiments, including the one Ben used to exasperate (another great "e" word) his dinner guests?  He would show them he could kill and cook their dinner in just minutes with electricity ...
Turkey Dinner Letter
Franklin's Turkey Dinner

Foods for E ...

These look interesting -- try your own variations ...

Eggs - Scotch Eggs that is ...

Eggplant Parmesan!  There are LOTS of recipes out there (probably as varied as meatloaf recipes and everyone has their own favorite version -- this one gives a good overview of the process ...) One of the things I miss about being in the Upper Midwest instead of Southern NJ -- one of my sisters lives in Manahawkin and at the bakery they also sell a frozen pan of Eggplant Parmesan that is the absolute best in the world and I don't need to do all the work -- just bake it.  **Swoon** LOL!

Want more foods beginning with "E"?  Check out this list:

How about some kid crafts that begin with the letter E?

How about 2 for the grown up crafters? 

UT OH!  We have a problem Houston!  The YouTubes are showing up just fine here in the Compase Box but not in the preview of the post ... Emergency Emergency Emergency!
Okay, shut down Blogger and started it up again and now the videos seem to be in place -- if they don't show up for you, please please please let me know in the comments below and I will Experiment and Investigate ...

There are lots of Envelope Templates out there and lots and lots of ways to decorate your homemade envelopes.  Here is a place to start to find an envelope shape you may want to make -- in fact, if you decide to make an envelope or two, please add them in the InLinkz for Artsy Interpretation below ... Or if you have made some in the past and want to share them ... please add them in below ...

Today is ...

*  Charlie The Tuna Day
*  Hostess Twinkie Day (while you are at it, have a listen to or read through "Twinkie Deconstructed" by Steve Ettlinger)
*  Tartan Day

Thank you to -- want to know what other themes there are for today or to learn more about the ones listed here, check out

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There are 5 things you can do to earn a free gift (probably a selection of Color-Your-Own SuseDoodle postcards from a forthcoming collection to be released soon! WOO HOO!)  All five  Call to Action options can be found here -- two can be  answered in the Comments Section here or via the InLinkz section at the end of the post ... I wanted to set the closing date as May 7 but InLinkz would not let  me run a link list for that long ... so the deadline is May 1 ...

one more -- Today's "ICK!" --

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