Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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I took Ceramics Courses at the University of Minnesota, but Warren MacKenzie had retired by the time I had moved from NJ to MN in 1996 -- one of the teachers in the department had been his student, though ... I never did get "good" at the wheel -- had a hard time "centering" the clay (and one teacher kept telling us that 2 pounds of clay mud should not be able to have so much power over us but ...) so I kept hand building and slab building.  **sigh** wishing I had a mud space still and I think hubby would love to get his mitts into the mud;  he would make that stuff behave itself on the wheel ... (apparently one of the videos posted by a MacKenzie student has in the "about" section that MacKenzie told them that centering wasn't as important as many other teachers claimed ... hmmm ... if only I had known that then ... what is it "They" say about hindsight??  LOL)
Before moving to MN, I had taken art classes at a community college in NJ.  In one project we collaborated -- my friend threw the pots (which she loved to do on the electric wheel) and I did the trimming on a -- you know, I forget what the type of wheel is called -- not a "kick wheel" but it had a lever on the side that you pushed on to throw -- similar to what Warren is using here but our trim wheel was one you stood by not sit at ... And, I loved trimming!  I've often wondered if it would have been possible to set up a pottery partnership each doing the part we loved best ... (but only after I had moved -- DUH!  LOL!)
I did eventually get almost "good" at "throwing off the hump" -- that is, centering just a small bit of the clay up off the larger lump on the wheel, and making miniature bowls and vases.  Should have stuck with that maybe ... but oh so much mess and mud on my pants when I got done for the day!  LOL!  And then go get on a public city bus, walk through the really nice part of downtown Minneapolis?  Embarrassing!  **sigh**

Today is ...
*  Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day
*  Babe Ruth Day
*  Morse Code Day

*  National Little Pampered Dog Day
Baker's Dozen Plus ...
waffle     *  whale     *  wicked     *  wicker     *  won't
write     *  willowy     *  when     *  wind    *  weather
wipe     *  worry     *  wonderful    *  western 
*  window     *  words

This is almost half an hour long but ...
oops, this next one too is 25 minutes long -- was looking for a short but ... :D
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