Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for ...

Today's Baker's Dozen:
1. Dorothy
2. downtown
3. dagnabbit
4. Dagwood
5. dignified
6. dirigible
7. duck
8. drake
9. dumpling
10. Donald
11. dammit
12. dingy
13. domicile

Then hubby got involved in making out these lists of words and now we have a "Baker's Dozen PLUS" ...

14. daffodil
15. Digby
16. doctor
17. document
18. diplomat
19. Dodger
20. dive
21. disembark

22. dandelion
23. dad-gum
24. daffadowndilly

Today is ...

National Deep Dish Pizza Day
Read A Road Map Day

Back to A-to-Z and that Today is D ...

D is for ... DOODLE!

I couple of times I have shared my view of Zen Tangle.  As a person who has Doodled since 5th grade (and today I will NOT tell you how long ago that was but it was a very long time ago), I have a "love/hate" attitude toward Zentangle or Zendoodle.  There are lots of fun doodle shapes being used in that form of doodling ... but I do have a problem with people claiming they "invented" these forms -- actually, what they have done is really cool -- they "invented" a way to break down the form into easily replicated steps.  That is worth claiming credit for ... I don't really do that, I just draw lines ... the lines and shapes I use have changed over time;  influences are the psychedelic doodles of the late 1960's and 1970's, Mary Engelbreit (mainly her flowers and use of checkerboard patterns), Islamic art (tile works mainly), M C Escher, and paisleys.  So here is a postcard-sized simple doodle from my soon to be released Postcard Coloring Collection:

OOPS -- it needs to have the pencil lines erased out, get re-scanned and posted again ... Coming Soon -- one you can download and color as a preview to the Collection ... why not share a link to your colored SuseDoodle in the comments section below?  :D  Or in the Artsy Inspiration InLinkz below ...

Today's YouTubes ...

Features two "doodlers" whose work I enjoy very much ...
The first 2 are by Peter Draws and the third video is from Cindy Angiel of Rainbow Elephant

D is for ... Danglers, too ...

The Call To Action --

Okay, it is getting very time consuming to make up InLinkz tools for each individual day -- going to use a generic set for each post after this (starting today) -- just add your new daily links at the posting for that day's letter and if they all end up in the same InLinkz that will be okay as long as the links you are adding are for each individual post you want to share and not for your blog in general ...

Remember there are 5 Options to use for the daily Call To Action -- three go into InLinkz lists and 2 can be answered in the Comments.  Find out the details ... for the Call to Action options can be found here -- two can be  answered in the Comments Section here or via the InLinkz section at the end of the post ... I wanted to set the closing date as May 7 but InLinkz would not let  me run a link list for that long ... so the deadline is May 1 ...

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