Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for ...

Today is ...
(Thanks once again to

*  National Cheddar Fries Day
*  International Cli-Fi Day (Climate Fiction)

Today's Baker's Dozen Plus ...

  1. quince
  2. quinine
  3. queen
  4. quick
  5. quit
  6. quiet
  7. quite
  8. quality
  9. quiver
  10. quote
  11. queue
  12. quack
  13. quest
  14. question
  15. quill
  16. Qwilleran
  17. quota
  18. quantity
  19. quibble
  20. qwerty
  21. quotientQ
  22. Quimby


Gotta send you to a link for Quilling -- used to be able to find YouTube videos of just finished work but all the options it gives me right now are "how-to" videos ... not on my agenda today.  If you want to find out how to make this kind of art, I am sure you are quite capable of getting YouTube to spit out a few hundred videos for you to choose from ... for a really cool gallery of Quilled Works go here ...

and ... now for Quill ...

More links -- :D

To be honest, I am not sure Lilian actually wrote all the books in the series -- there are three or four in a row that don't have good "continuity" (that is, they contradict the book immediately preceding it or "facts" from the earlier "down below" set of stories) ... But then, I have been following a few authors over at Facebook and have found out that those who have series that are 15 or more books long may not remember details they wrote 20 years ago -- one even asked what color a car is supposed to be ... she forgot ... turns out it is yellow ... LOL ... so maybe Lilian did write them all.  I love 'em anyhow.  But be sure to start at the beginning of the series and work through in order ... more fun that way ...

There really isn't anything as wonderful as watching a mama bobwhite quail taking her little ones for a stroll in your own yard. Especially if you are about 8 years old at the time you watched them wander by ... too bad I could not find a video of something like that ... **sigh**

The Call to Action:
There are 5 things you can do to earn a free gift (probably a selection of Color-Your-Own SuseDoodle postcards from a forthcoming collection to be released soon! WOO HOO!)  All five  Call to Action options can be found here -- two can be  answered in the Comments Section here or via the InLinkz section at the end of the post ... I wanted to set the closing date as May 7 but InLinkz would not let  me run a link list for that long ... so the deadline is May 1 ...


  1. I think there was an episode of King of Queens in which Carrie took Doug's old rock band t-shirts and sewed them together as a quilt.

    1. I've seen it done but have not tried it. Great idea, though!