Saturday, April 1, 2017

A is for ...

Oh no!
April 1 came and went and this did not post -- it was considered a "draft" by blogger ... so when I checked today (4/2) , it had not yet appeared ...
Then I found out that other than the aardvark busy shopping, there was nothing in the post **sigh**.  I had planned to do something right after midnight on the 1st to add to the post but forgot and headed off to bed instead and all day yesterday, I just could not get my brain in gear to check it out ... right now, we are off to see some things being sold as part of a craig's list estate sale -- cheap used furniture that i can add to my workspace and hopefully get it organized and usable ...  When we get back, I hope to get this post to what it should be ... or what I hoped it would be.  And since Sunday is not considered a posting day for the challenge, I can get a few of the next ones done to post on schedule.

Well, we got the cabinet, got it home sort of okay -- had to tie the hatch shut over it so cold air and exhaust whipped through -- ick.  Got home, got it in the house eventually, after hubby took a nap and spent a lot of time helping me make a space for it.  Got it in place.  Got the storage cart from Aldi put together finally, too.  Still lots more to do but ... on the way -- WOO HOO!  So happy!


So, finally, I can get the "A" post finished ... I hope.

For "A is for ..." I want to share a set of rubber stamps and matching dies from Fun Stampers Journey -- on my "wish  list" for sure!

Here are the stamps and then a pic of samples from the brand new mini catalog:

You can easily get this set or stamps and matching dies by visiting:

And you can get a downloadable pdf of the new mini catalog at:   Be sure to use the arrow pointing down at the top left corner of the catalog to start the download.  Lots of fun new stuff in there!


*Wilma is a wonderful, supportive lady and I would love for you to support her and her business.  THANK YOU!

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  1. Oh my! You are SO sweet! I love your blog - I don't care if it's a day late!!