Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for ...

Of course, C has to be for CAT!

I'm not even sure which cat this is.  I am pretty sure it is one of three that when they were just a couple of days old, the mom brought them and left them under my office chair, knowing I would watch out for them.  They were wonderful kitties.  One, unfortunately, died from an injury, cause unknown.  And the other two eventually disappeared -- I think their mom did what I asked her to do, took them to one of the nearby farms to live and spread joy to others.  I hope they did and are still  happily doing that job.
Recently, I saw through an article link at facebook that 80% of orange cats are male and female orange cats are considered rare.  Those three had a rare mom!
For lots of orange cat fun, check out Cole and Marmalade on YouTube!!!

You can find this photo at pixabay.com.  Of the 20 or so photos I submitted, only two were acceptable -- this one and one of my dandelions.  I disagreed with their reasons for not adding them to my gallery but, hey, what can you do when someone else makes the final decision?  I was surprised to find that more than 45 people have like this kitty enough to download the photo from pixabay!  **grin**

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