Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D is for ...

The other shot accepted.

The mayor of Vineland, NJ, (many, many, many years ago) started a Dandelion festival and he would cook up many of the dishes served at the fair / event.  Looking at google to see if the event is still held, it looks like they have switched over to a Dandelion Dinner.  Too bad.  Not as much cooking to do but not reaching as many people, either.

As a child, I was sort of indoctrinated that dandelions in the lawn are evil evil eveil!  But after seeing M C Escher's woodcut of a dandelion, I saw how beautiful they are.

So one afternoon a few years ago, I spent time shooting digital photo after photo of a robin, a sparrow and dandelions.  An afternoon well spent!

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